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By getting to know you and/or your business better we will design and implement a comprehensive, yet bespoke solution for you, addressing your core needs across our four service offerings – accounting, tax, advisory and assurance.

  • Taxation

    Sleep Soundly

    Happy returns all year round

    Let us help you demystify this obligation by ensuring that you are compliant whilst making sure you don’t pay a cent more than you need to.

    Tax is such a wide topic with many specialist areas from capital gains tax, estates and trusts, special incentives and deductions, VAT and the list goes on. It is also a constantly evolving environment with dire consequences for non­compliance and opportunity costs for not fully utilising available tax incentive schemes. Wouldn’t you feel comforted to know that you have appointed a tax specialist who make it their business to constantly consider all taxes and incentives relevant to you as a business and as an individual?

    Whilst offering end to end tax and estate planning solutions which will ensure you have the appropriate structures in place, we also offer all the day to day tax and VAT services, including registrations, managing backlogs, obtaining clearance certificates and processing returns.

    • Tax Services

      This is our speciality, and whether you are an individual and/or own a business, we can take care of all your tax requirements across the multiple tax types, including income tax, capital gains tax (CGT), estate duty and dividends tax to name a few. The end to end service includes registrations, SARS e-­filing set up, catch up of backlogs, applying for tax clearance certificates (local and offshore) and tax directives, tax exemption registrations, all types of local tax returns, including provisional tax, dividend withholding tax and securities tax returns, certain offshore tax returns, managing objections and minimising penalties and interest, meetings with SARS, tax audits, GPS logbooks and training thereon.

    • VAT Services

      We will register you for VAT, or if you are already registered, ensure that your VAT period is correct, your e-filing profile is in place and all returns are up to date. We will will then ensure all VAT returns are accurately filed on time.

    • Tax Planning

      We offer advanced short, medium and long term tax opinions, guidance and structuring within the parameters of the current legislation (local and offshore) to achieve the most efficient cash out from hard earned salaries and business earnings.

    • Estate Planning

      We offer a comprehensive approach to estate planning which will not only ensure the efficient transfer of assets between generations, but will do so in a way that maximises the value of your estate at all times. This services includes consultation and structuring services, the setup of trusts and related fiduciary services, the drafting of last will and testaments and executorship services.

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